Why shop on a marketplace?

Thank you for being a part of our efforts to support NEPA small business owners. By reading this article you are making an effort to lift up local business owners in our community.

The importance of shopping local is more apparent than ever! 2020 has been a rough year and too many businesses are struggling to survive.

We value the many small businesses in #NEPA and believe it is so important to #supportlocal. Shopping local contributes to our local economies in many ways like employment and taxation that becomes available for local police, fire and medical services.

More money is spent online through marketplace websites than traditional web stores. As the saying goes, “There is strength in numbers!”

Being part of an established online marketplace provides a level of trust, between buyers and sellers, that they might not get from just an individual website.

NEPA Marketplace provides a convenient, one stop shopping destination for you to shop local and support small business owners on a safe and secure website.

#NEPA #Marketplace #shopsmall #localfirst

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